• Specializes in Covert Video Surveillance:

    • Worker’s Compensation, Child Custody & Security, Infidelity, and Undercover Operations.

  • Sub-Specializes in Depositions:

    • Official Recorded Statements, Interviews Under Oath, Witness Location & Testimony, Neighborhood Canvasses.

  • Other Services Include:

    • Background Investigations, Activity Checks, Alive and Well Checks, Social Media Searches, Skip Tracing (Locating Individuals).

Foremost Investigations Inc. Founded in 2005

Owner & Lead Investigator    Lloyd Rash - Portland, OR    Lloyd@ForemostPI.com    (971) 506-0303

Owner & Lead Investigator

Lloyd Rash - Portland, OR


(971) 506-0303

Owner Lloyd Rash has over 25 years of experience as an investigator and opened Foremost Investigations over 20 years ago. Since then, he has expanded his business and coverage by personally training two investigators: Casey Sciaraffo and Collin Ferguson.

As a locally-run regional firm, Foremost Investigations offers top quality investigations in the areas surrounding Portland, Oregon and Tacoma, Washington. As our client, you are guaranteed direct communication with your investigator. Direct communication means less miscommunication and gets you better results.

At Foremost Investigations, our primary focus is to provide your firm with top quality ‘Sub Rosa’ investigations. We specialize in surveillance and undercover operations. All investigators are trained and equipped with the latest industry standard tools, techniques, and expectations. Our investigators operate within the legal limitations established by law, but with the highest level of aggression in order to obtain unparalleled results.

Foremost Investigations serves each client as if they are our only client. Specialized needs in report writing, evidence format, and scheduling are met without delay. Clients are updated bi-daily on surveillance, and at every pertinent interval on S.I.U. cases. We believe communication and cooperation are paramount in maintaining professional relationships.


Covert Video Surveillance

Foremost Investigations Specializes in Covert Video Surveillance for Workman’s Compensation.

Our investigators all have years of surveillance experience along with at least one full year of training under the direct supervision of the owner. Our investigators are all equipped with the highest quality standard equipment available.

Prior to commencing surveillance, we will conduct a thorough background check of your claimant including a S.S.N. check, D.M.V. records (including running license plates), address history, phone number verification, and even court & police records if necessary.

Our investigators use state of the art equipment and are fully prepared to follow your subject wherever they may travel. Our “best of” list includes footage of claimants at work, in the gym, retail stores, restaurants, and nightclubs. Our fleet of vehicles utilize custom tinted windows and blend in perfectly with their surroundings, facilitating anonymity in any neighborhood.


Worker’s Compensation Claims

Foremost Investigations provides covert video surveillance for insurance companies, self-insured businesses, third-party administrators, corporate defense attorneys, and both national and international investigative firms. Each of our investigators provide service well beyond the industry standards.


  • Child Security

Often referred to in the industry as “Guardian Angel” cases, child security is becoming more prominent purpose for requesting surveillance. Whether you’re concerned about child abuse, or you simply want us to know what your recently independent teenager is up to, we can help.

  • Counter-Surveillance

Security detail for small businesses, large corporations, neighborhood-watch groups, and individuals. The purposes for acquiring counter-surveillance can vary from making sure the neighborhood kids are staying off your newly-seeded lawn to protecting your life from the threats of a volatile ex-partner.


Recorded Statements

Our investigators have extensive experience and are adept at issuing recorded statements and interviews. We are equipped with the latest audio recording equipment and through our experience, have developed redacted interview templates for cases of auto-liability and workplace injury claims.

Often an adjuster would like to retain their option of an Examination Under Oath. We can act as a third party investigator to retain that right for the client in order to clarify details or uncover new leads.

Our investigators are experienced with detailed recorded statements as well. You can supply your own line of questioning, rely on one of our templates, or we can work together to come up with unique questions specific to the case at hand. We cover auto accidents, workplace injury, disability, mortgage fraud, and more.

Whether a witness has already come forward, or you need us to track down the witnesses via neighborhood canvass or pulling police / court records, we can do that too. Full service means exactly that, just send us your files and we will do the rest.


Standard Services

We Offer Standard Investigative Services at a Competitive Rate to Clients in Washington & Oregon.


Background Checks

Comprehensive Database Checks

Detailed Background Checks

  • Alive & Well / Activity Checks

  • Witness / Person Location

  • Someone you want to find, or someone that doesn’t want to be found, we will locate them.

  • Process Serving

  • Pulling Police / Court Records.

  • Delivery of Records & Subpoenas to an Attorney or Individual.

  • Asset Recovery

  • Investigator Surveillance Training

  • We are now offering to train those who wish to become investigators in the latest methods of Covert Video Surveillance.

Primary Service Region

While Foremost Investigations Inc. is licensed throughout the states of Oregon and Washington, the map above shows our Primary Service Region (P.S.R.). Our flat rate reflects the cost of service in this area. Depending on how far outside the P.S.R. you need us to go, that cost will go up.

While Foremost Investigations provides service to clients throughout the states of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, this map shows our Primary Service Region. Our flat rate reflects the cost of service in this area.

Our firm has been using Foremost Investigations for several years now, and Lloyd has proven himself to be a reliable investigator. He was able to obtain hidden video which showed full dexterity of the plaintiff’s allegedly injured hand. After Lloyd presented the video evidence in court, the case was dismissed.
— Ken Abere - Cosgrave Vergeer Kester LLP
Collin, your case manager said you did a great job with last week’s video surveillance case. We will definitely contact you again when we find more work near Tacoma, WA.
— Randy Wahl - Vice President of ICS World L.L.C.
“Thank you Collin for all your help... Sugar is finally home, safe and sound. I am so appreciative of the address you found for me, a couple of months ago, which got the ball rolling. After that, I knew he was stolen, and not just lost.

Thanks so very much.”
— Tracy

Free Consultation

Please leave us a message with a brief description of what you need help with and an agent will contact you soon.


Portland, OR - Lloyd Rash

(971) 506-0303 // Lloyd@ForemostPI.com

Tacoma, WA - Collin Ferguson

(253) 232-8284 // Collin@ForemostPI.com

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 When working with less experienced investigators, the “C” in Covert can get lost in translation.


What you are left with is a “Less-Than-Ideal Zebra-Mobile.”


The industry has come a long way since the early days…

“Did you happen to get video of the suspect?”

“I sure did, and thanks to my Sony Magnum VHS Camcorder, I am almost certain we can rule out anyone that doesn’t have two legs. No need to thank me, that will be $2000.00.”